GapCM Vacation Rental Management Platform

GapCM is a Simple and Powerful management system for keeping track of your vacation rental business. Our system Automatically Tracks Bookings, importing, updating, and cancelling behind the scenes in real time. ICAL Links and Direct Integrations let's you easily connect your Vacation rental or Hotel business, No matter how complex your setup. Give your team of Managers and Cleaning staff accounts so everyone can stay up to date. Manage Cleanings, Checkins, and the state of each room by Day, By Month, Or by whenever you need. GapCM Lets you keep on top of Occupancy, financials, and taxes. Simply create a listing and add some ICAL links and you're ready to easily manage your reservations. Calendars, Operational diagrams, Statistics such as Occupancy Rate, accounting, and analytics can be seen quickly and easily after onboarding.

UPDATE 2022-01-06 : This has been a small, internal project that has been in slow, gradual development for a long time as a side project, starting as a basic tool with no real ambitions. However as we've gradually inluded more features and increased stability and usability, it's become much more of a proper channel management system, and we've been increasingly relying on this system to run our medium size Airbnb business for over a full year now.

Despite having nothing but a brief description and no public access to the system, an amazing Over 200 people have signed up for an account in the time it's been up. (Apologies to those who were disappointed by an error message and little more). However if you're looking for a new Management system, we're working this new year on crafting this side project into a real software business that will help you better manage and optimize your Airbnb or Hotel business, the way it has for us.

If you're interested in becoming an early user or have questions, Please be patient while I implement a contact form or set up an email in the coming days.

Thank you for your time / consideration!
- Tyler | Lead Developer